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Single Panel Dip testSingle Panel
Dip & Read
Urine Test for Drugs

The Dip & Read Card tests for one of 14 drugs. The test is fast and visual.

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Two Panel Dip TestTwo Panel
Dip & Read
Urine Test for Drugs

The Dip & Read Card tests for two drugs. Three different combinations available.

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Five Panel Dip TestFive Panel
Dip & Read
Urine Test for Drugs

The Dip & Read Card tests for 5 drugs. Eight Different combinations available.

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Oralert Oral Drug TestOralert Saliva Drug TestThe OraLert Multi-Drug Saliva Test is an improved on-site one-step saliva screen for drugs of abuse. AlcoScreen Alcohol TestAlco-Screen
2 Minute
Saliva Alcohol Test
Alco-Screen is a very simple, one-step, 2 minute test. This alcohol test is convenient enough to be used any time, any place.
Single Panel Dip Tests by the CaseSingle Panel
Dip & Read
Urine Test for Drugs

CASE OF 25 The Dip & Read Card tests for one of 14 drugs. The test is fast and visual. (25 Tests / Case)
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What We Do...

Discovery Drug Testing is a full service drug testing company. We provide comprehensive testing services including:

  • Drug Detection Assessments (Workplace, Home, Schools)
  • In-Home Drug Testing
  • Steroid Testing (Teens, Athletic Departments)
  • Workplace Drug Testing Programs
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Instant On-Site Drug Testing
  • DNA/Paternity Testing
  • Hair Follicle Drug Tests
  • Background Checks

Please contact us to assist you in setting up a drug free workplace, school or home.


Adolescence is a period where young people undergo physical and behavioral changes that can be profound and alarming - to them as well as to their parents. Many of the following symptoms may indicate the presence of diseases or factors other than drug use and should be investigated by a trusted and competent physician. The following should be causes for concern:

  • Abrupt changes in work or school attendance, quality of schoolwork or grades and/or discipline problems.
  • Unusual outbursts or displays of temper.
  • A shirking of responsibility.
  • Unexplained changes in overall attitude, including depression, withdrawal or apathy.
  • Deterioration or sudden change of physical appearance or grooming habits.
  • Sudden secretiveness or inappropriate concerns for privacy; poorly concealed attempts to avoid attention and suspicion, such as frequent trips to the restroom or basement may be an attempt to conceal drug use.
  • Wearing sunglasses, or frequent use of eye drops, to conceal the appearance of the eyes.
  • Association with known drug users or "problem" students.
  • Unusual borrowing of money from friends, siblings, or parents.
  • Stealing - either at home or through shoplifting.
  • Possessing unexplained valuables.
  • Drug paraphernalia.

But also be aware that kids are more sophisticated these days. They, too, know the above warning signs, and they will go out of their way to maintain good grades and an appearance of sobriety. The only way to know with certainty is by drug testing.

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